Q: What is paintball?

A: There are a lot of paintball games but they all can be compared to a challenging game of laser tag.  Paintball is a sport were you try to eleminate the other opposing team by "tagging" players out with a marker(paintball gun) that shoots paintballs.

Q: Who can play?

A: Anyone over 10 years of age.(We now also offer "painless" paintball for kids 6 years of age and older)  The whole family can enjoy this sport.  You can either be the aggresive fast player, or you can be a sniper and pick off those who come into your line of sight.  Paintball can be game of strategy, aggressiveness, and angles.  The key to winning in paintball is teamwork!  There is a place for everyone in paintball.



Q: Does paintball hurt?

A: People compare it with getting snapped with a towel.  Sometimes you might not even feel it, but sometimes it can hurt for a bit and leave a bruise.  That is why we use safety equipment to insure there are not any dangerous or unnecessary injuries.  You might be surprised to know that based on the NEISS government study, paintball had less injuries per player than any other sport.

Q: What kind of safety equipment do I need?

A: The most important safety equipment is a mask to protect your face and ears.  A barrel sock over your gun barrel insures that accidental firing will not injure anyone.  These are the only required safety equipment needed.  However, additional gear like padded clothing is usually worn by most avid paintballers.  Everything you need for safety will be supplied at the park.  The bottom line is that if you are playing at a park and observe the rules, paintball is very safe as far as sports go.


Q: Can I bring my own equipment?

A: Certainly!  But all guns must be checked to insure that they are set at the correct pressure and not firing a paintball faster than 300 fps(feet per second).  Also one pull of the trigger must equal one ball being fired.  Remember too that no outside paint is allowed at our park.  This is to insure that no oils from these paintballs will run off into our drinking water supply.  We are an environmetally friendly park and take this seriously.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us.



Q. What kind of paintballs do you have?

A.  We sell only EcoFill paintballs in several grades, our premium grade field paint, and a competition grade paintball.  If you've played paintball much, you know the big difference good quality paintballs can make.  That is why we really believe in our paintballs! 


Q.  What is your weather policy?

A.  Our policy is very simple...If you paid to play and the weather turns bad, no problem.  We will be happy to issue a "rain check".  Come play again on a different day with NO entry or rental fees!!!

Q.  Can I come by myself or do I need to come with a group?
A.  While it may be fun to come with a group you can come by yourself and we will put you in with a group.  At Legends we have something for everyone.